Psychedelic Porcupine is a blog that aims to deliver interesting stories, studies, ideas and concepts from several areas of science and technology. The blog is written by Stuart Penman whenever he can find enough time to set aside for a new post. Psychedelic Porcupine is mainly concerned with space, physics, cosmology, moons and planets, sound and acoustics, health and the environment and other such sciency and generally interesting topics.

As well as being interested in science and the world around him, Stuart is also a musician, both as a solo artist and as the guitrist within Debonair. Stuart writes, plays and records all of his own songs and has a profile on Last FM where all of his tracks can be listened to for free. Check out Stuart Penman on Last FM.

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  1. Michael Markie

    Brilliant site :cool:.

    Nice theme you have going on as well, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Markie! I appreciate it.

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