Monthly Archives: September 2011

Force a PSU to turn on without a connected motherboard

Recently I found the need to run an old computer PSU as a bench power supply, with no connection to a motherboard. Normally this is not possible, as there is protection within the PSU to ensure that it cannot fire up unless the motherboard connection is present. Luckily, this is very easy to bypass… Read more »

Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags!

Bags in the trees

Bags in the trees

Plastic. It’s everywhere. Cheap to produce and lightweight to transport. It’s no wonder manufacturers have taken to it so well. It is, however, a horrible product, and one that will linger on our streets, trees, hedgerows and landfill sites for many years to come. Read more »

The Porcupine Evolves

This blog has, up until now, primarily been driven towards areas of scientific and technological interest. This forced me into a corner in a way. When I write about science it needs to be accurate and descriptive, informative and interesting. This is something that I can find hard to achieve and it takes up a lot of time. As such, I lost interest in writing on this blog sometime last year.

From this point forward the posts to this site may become a fair bit shorter and snappier and I anticipate they will cover a wider range of topics. I also hope to post content more frequently. I don’t think any humans actually read this site anyway, so I guess I can do what the hell I like…no-one is going to notice!