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Why are plants green?

Most plants are green. Green stalks and green leaves. Sure, flower petals are the obvious exception here, but the reason for that is primarily due to attracting bees or other insects which can be used to pollinate plants. The point of this post though, is to explain why it is that plants are predominantly green.

Green Jungle

Lowland Rainforest, Costa Rica

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Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags!

Bags in the trees

Bags in the trees

Plastic. It’s everywhere. Cheap to produce and lightweight to transport. It’s no wonder manufacturers have taken to it so well. It is, however, a horrible product, and one that will linger on our streets, trees, hedgerows and landfill sites for many years to come. Read more »

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Gas Mask

Gas Mask

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (sometimes referred to as Environmental Illness) is a condition that affects many people but is still widely misunderstood. It generally refers to any ailment or illness which is the result of environmental factors, such as pollutants or toxins entering the body of the sufferer through a means such as inhalation or ingestion. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is on the increase, the result of us inhabiting a world full of toxins and poisons that are so commonplace that they are now even found in our cleaning and grooming products, amongst many others. People who suffer from MCS are prone to suffering various multiple symptoms upon the exposure to a number of chemicals. Read more »